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Shipping Update 8/30/17: Most items are in-stock and available to ship today. We are currently dealing with some inventory and logistics issues and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. At this time there is no free shipping available due to a logistics issue that we are working to resolve.

In order to move forward and get through this hurdle, we have to temporarily charge freight to everyone to circumvent logistical issues. 

More Inventory is on the way with out-of-stock items anticipated to ship by early October. You may place an order today and it will be fulfilled as a backorder once new inventory arrives. 

Deeper Explanation: Some items are out-of-stock in the USA warehouse but in-stock in the UK facility. We are updating package quantities and therefore are trying to liquidate remaining (old) SKUs from their respective warehouses and begin taking new orders for 40 and 120-packs (instead of 50/100). 

If you are in the USA and try to order an item that is only in-stock in the UK, you will see relevant freight charges from the UK instead of allowing for a backorder since we are ending that SKU.

Thank you so much for your patience while I work to resolve issues and grow this company. 


Drew Cleaver 

Founder, Inventor - Higher Hangers®

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING STILL AVAILABLE (cost calculated in shopping cart based on your items, destination, & inventory location)